Spring 2019 News

2019 YET Play offs

And it begins. Expect Divisional movements for some teams.

[click on]  >>  RESULTS [missing scores so if you have email PREZ ] 2019Elimination FINALS Elite:A   2019Elimination FINALS B

NOTE: Team movements :

[click on]  >>  RESULTS [missing scores so if you have email PREZ ] 2019Elimination FINALS C   2019Elimination FINALS D   2019Elimination FINALS E

NOTE: Team movements :  

[click on]  >>  RESULTS 2019Elimination FINALS F   2019Elimination FINALS G   2019Elimination FINALS H

NOTE: Team movements :

[click on]  >>  RESULTS 2019Elimination FINALS I   2019Elimination FINALS J   2019Elimination FINALS K

NOTE: Team movements :

Updates also at : https://www.facebook.com/groups/1105749916134268/


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  • Jul 29, 2019
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