Spring 2021 News

Spring 2021 as of Feb 3

IT is 99.5% likely we'll be following Fall ball Guidelines of 2020, as a minimum.

For those that did not play Fall ball, the guidelines were as follows [Subject to Change]

1-    Players must sign declaration acknowledging the guidelines 

2-    Arrive at the park no more than 15 minutes prior to the start of your game, play, and then leave following the directional arrows. There is NO LOITERING after the games. 

3-    Coaches must provide their own sanitation bucket (to include masks, wipes, and disinfectant spray bottle, first aid kit)

4-    We must maintain social distancing which includes the dug out and any tenting used

5-    The defensive team supplies the ball 

6-    Please minimize equipment sharing

7-     Scorebooks MUST have first & last names and returned to league after the season

8-     At this time,  NO Spectators allowed , this includes Family members, meaning kids.

These will be STRICTLY enforced so we're all able to enjoy the season.  If a team is in violation of any of the above guidelines, we'll have no choice but to forfeit the rest of your games. NO exceptions…. 

If you can / do NOT  want to participate in the 2021 season please email PREZ and we'll refund any monies owed. Please include Team Name and who / where the cheque will be mailed. We are using cheques to better track refunds. 

Also if you decide NOT to play in Spring 2021 we're asking that you re apply for 2022 as all your information will be deleted.

So let’s all do our part to have a safe and fun Spring 2021 season!! 


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  • Feb 3, 2021
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