Spring 2021 News

Fees due [March 15] by these teams [as of Feb 25] :

For those teams that requested a $1000 refund in 2020, this money need to be paid to hold your spot for the 2021 season.

eTransfer to [WE WILL NOT DEPOSIT just wanting to get an intention]:

[email protected]

use this security answer password :


These fees are DUE no later than Mar 15. Please put TEAM NAME in message.

At this time, presume we'll follow the 2020 Fall Ball guidelines. Hopefully this changes.

If you no longer wish to participate we'll refund the remaining monies {$250} :



A's F1 : 
Around The Horn A : 
Balls Deep E2 : 
Balls N Dolls E1 : 
Balls to the Wall H1 : 
Bandito Supremo E1 : 
batcave c2 : 
Batstreet Boys I1 : 
BC Rampage A : 
Blue Balls J1 : 
Bombsquad I2 : 
Brewsers E1 : 
Bulldawgz F1 : 
Bulldogz J1 : 
Colts F1 : 
Ducks F2 :
Dusters G1 : 
Foul Balls D2 : 20
Generals C1 :
Got The Runs C2  : 
Half Corked H1 : 
Hard N Thru A : 
Home Wreckers H2 : 
Intoxicated G1 : 
Kekambas C2 :
Kranken Elite : 
Make It A Double D2 :
Marcon Mafia J2 : 
MC Slammers C1 : 
Mustangs D1 : 
Outkast F2 :
Perfectos C1 : 
Picklebacks H1 : 
Rednecks G2 : 
Regulators J1 : 
Samsquamches B2 : 
Saved By The Balls J2 : 
Second Chance F1 :
Shockers B2 : 
Sliders D1 : 
Sloppy Joes I1 : 
Sluggers I1 : 
Steamers I1 :
Stellar F2 : 
Thunder D1 : 
Trash Pandas G1 : 
Travis Mathew Crew C1 :
Triex K : 
Window Liquors H2 : 


These teams need tp pay $1,250.00

Bad News Beers
PMS (Pitch More Slowly)
Red Sox
Where My Pitches At?
Wicked Snatch



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Fees due [March 15] by these teams [as of Feb 25] :

For those teams that requested a $1000 refund in 2020, this money ... Read more...

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